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iStore 180L
iStore 270L
iStore 180L Energy Efficient Heat Pump


  • Suitable for of 2-4 people households
  • iStores premium Australian engineering captures energy in the air to generate environmentally friendly hot water to multiple taps in your home - 24x7 x 365
  • Exclusive Australian first slimline design that reclaims up to 55.5% more energy from the air = more hot water for less
  • Solar Vic Rebate of $1,000 (Eligibility Applies)
  • VEECs Rebate (for replacing existing Electric Unit)
  • The iStore consumes approximately 500 W of energy per hour during the air-to-energy heating process
  • Inbuilt digital display with 4 intelligent operating modes and timer
  • Installing an iStore could save you up to $1,000* per year on your energy bills.
  • 5 year manufacturers warranty
  • Up to 400% Efficiency
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Victorian Government Solar Hot Water Rebate

The Victorian Government is offering a rebate of up to $1,000 when you install an eligible solar hot water system. To be eligible for the rebate, you must own the property, have an existing electric or gas hot water system, and use an eligible solar hot water system. More info here:

In addition to the solar hot water rebate, you may also be eligible for a VEECs (Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates) rebate. VEECs are created when a household or business installs an energy-efficient hot water system, and can be traded on the open market. The value of VEECs varies, but it can be used to reduce the upfront cost of a new hot water system.

Claim up to $3,000 in government rebates towards and ENERGY EFFICENT hot water heat pump, when you replace your existing GAS/ELECTRIC hot water unit! Get in touch with us today to see if you’re eligible for a rebate.

If you have an existing ELECTRIC Hot Water Unit, you could be eligible for a completely FREE upgrade to a Energy Efficient Heat Pump!

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